Thank You Lee Kuan Yew

Even the sky is grieving at the loss of our founding father…

It has been a very gloomy week for Singaporeans. Our 1st Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away on Monday, 23 March at age 91. I have been seeing lots of tributes online, his past videos, as well as the live telecast of his state funeral today. These really touched my heart, god knows how many times I have teared. I feel extremely fortunate to be born in the 80s, without having to worry about the war, live in slumps, or not having adequate food and water.

I thank him for his education legacy, we were taught to be bilingual and excel through our studies.
I thank him for his housing legacy, giving us a roof over our heads.
I thank him for his greenery legacy, where we can proudly say “Clean & Green Singapore”.
I thank him for his law and order legacy, women like us are able to return home late without any worries.
I thank him for everything, words can’t express how grateful I am.