The POD Boutique Capsule Hotel – Read and Think Before You Book

This bunkation experience happened way back in Oct 2013. The experience was, horrible. I was hesitating (a lot) whether I should make this post live. I guess I should cos it has been more than 3 months and I haven’t receive any explanation from the PR agency since they simply went MIA. Apologies for ranting but here’s what happened during our stay.

One – We had requested for the female dorm that has 5 capsules where we had seen it during the launch. Unfortunately, it was not given to us even after repeatedly requesting for it. That, I could understand as there could be other travellers who had booked the same room. Hence, we sorta reluctantly accepted whatever was arranged.

Two – We were given beds 6, 7, 8 and 12. Poor Esther had to sleep pretty far from us, which sorta defeated the purpose of the bunkation. We noticed there was a bed that was left vacant for the whole night until 7am the next morning. I don’t see a reason why it cannot be offered to us since travellers are not allowed to select the bed, according to the online reservation which I had tried and tested.

Three – Before we checked out, I left my clothes in the dryer to dry before we went out nearby for breakfast. The girls and I went back to the hostel to pick up my clothes but then I realized that another guest had dumped her clothes and undergarments into the same dryer that I had used, mixing up with my own clothes (EW?!). I was extremely upset. I brought my dirty clothes to the counter and told the staff about it, even though I know that they can’t do anything if other guests chose to be inconsiderate. He didn’t give me a definite answer or explanation although he looked really apologetic. In fact, I asked him “Do you mean that you can’t anything about this?” He simply replied yes. My question is, isn’t there a CCTV in the laundry room? Shouldn’t they offer to do a proper investigation? I had to throw away all my clothes.

Four – There was this lady who was scratching her head for god knows how long, disturbing our sleep for the entire night. Also, we had to whisper whenever we wanted to speak to each other but still get stares from the other guests.

I hope this review serves as a guideline to other travellers on what to expect at The POD. For those of you who are looking to enjoy a “staycation”, The POD is definitely not for you. With the same amount, I believe that you can get a decent hotel and share the cost with your girlfriends without having to worry the above. Perhaps, those looking just to have a roof over their head may consider.


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