The Ultimate Poker Day

One thing I’ve definitely learnt is to never ever share my ideas online anymore. You know how irritating it can be when some bitches used it as their idea and think that they are god damn creative, when in fact they got inspired by someone else but refused to credit them. How original. You know who you are. :blah:

Hokay, enough ranting! Now on a happier topic! Boss’s 28th birthday celebration! :smileyhappy3:

I took leave on the eve of Boss’s birthday…

29 April @ 12.00am – Couldn’t get to sleep as it was the launch of the iPad 2, wonder if I should sacrifice my sleep and queue for it? Wanted to meet DK at 5am to queue at Challenger Jurong Point but I overslept. :shutup:

9.00am – Managed to wake up on time. Prepared everything and went to buy some balloons near my house and took a cab to Tampines 1 to get the iPad 2!

10.00am – Reached Challenger Tampines 1. Great! I’m like the 20th person in the queue and managed to get the iPad 2’s slip that they were distributing! :smileyhappy3: I told DK I managed to get it and he also wanted another one for his sister, so I took another slip. When I was at the cashier to make payment, my card got rejected. Ho seh liao. I forgot that I had already hit the limit for the day, stupid me! :damnit: But eventually, the transaction went through. *PHEW*

New toy for Boss! :jump:

11.30am – Rushed down to Jurong and met DK to pass him the iPad 2. Then I went to Boss’s house to pack his clothes and told his mum and maid not to tell him anything.

2.00pm – Nua at his house until 2pm and took another cab to Bugis. TMD I really spent a lot on cabs that day. :blah: And finally…

Checked in at Intercontinental Hotel! Had booked a night stay for his birthday celebration. :love4: Their rooms are extremely spacious, nicely carpeted and spanking clean. iLike! :thumbsup:

Nice work table but no use for it. :tongue1:

Huge plasma TV but the programs are boring. :shift:

Spanking clean toilet hur hur. :tongue2:

With my favorite bathtub hoho! :jump:

Giant Chivas and mini Chivas. :smileyhappy3:

3.00pm – Started pumping up the balloons with the hand pump. It’s not easy man. I think I burst more than 10 balloons in the process. :(:

Poker foil balloons! Nice right? :wink1:

Red roses for decor. :flower13:

Pasted these on the walls. Erm, Boss’s friends thought that it looked like the photo for funeral. :shocked2: Hello?! It took me a lot of effort to do the scrapbook lor! :blank:

7.00pm – At last, I’m done with the balloons and other decorations. Very happy that I found these poker balloons! :dance1:

TADAHHHHHH! :cloud9:


I nearly died after that. My hands were aching from pumping the balloons and my legs were wobbling. The reason why I took so long to decorate is because I kept running to the party shop nearby to buy stuff lol :shocked2:

8.00pm – Finally met Boss after he knocked off from work and I bluffed him that we were going to Plaza Sing for dinner and movie. I think he already suspected that I was planning something as I insisted to meet him that day. Ermmmm he’s not a goondusamy after all hor? :tongue2:

11.30pm – I purposely quarrelled with him to drag time as his friends were waiting for us at the hotel room and he didn’t know about it. By the time we reached there, they were all shouting in the room and we could hear it from outside. :blank:

We all had lots of fun! Many thanks to his friends for making this surprise semi-successful lol! :love3: They were really entertaining. :smileyhappy3:

30 April @ 12.00am – At the strike of 12am, the hotel staff brought the cake to us which I had prepared beforehand. smile

Happy 28 Boss! :love4:

The cake was poker-themed and too pretty to be eaten. :jump: The fondant was too sweet but I’m surprised that we managed to finish almost 90% of it.

Unfortunately, all of us were too noisy and his friends were being chased out at 1am. :sad3:

I prepared for my bubble bath with LUSH’s Supernova bath bomb. :smileyhappy2:

WHEEEEEEEEE! Mad shiok! :love1:

Who stole my heart!? :tongue2: