Travel 101: Tips When Traveling with Your Best Friend

Ze BFF and I had known each other through blogging. It was a blessing that we have a lot of things in common. We both love animals, buying beauty products and are absolute hoarders (lippies!), crazy over Running Man, frequently noms on Japanese and Korean food, etc etc. And of course, WE BOTH LOVE TRAVELING! bigsmile

October’s trip to Korea would be the 2nd time that we will be traveling alone together. We have been to a few group trips and I am totally looking forward to some BFF time this round! heart

Traveling together can be challenging as different people have different traveling expectations and objectives. So how do you still remain the best of friends even while traveling?

Understand each other

Remember, everyone is different. Making sure that you understand each other is important to enjoy the trip together. Some people prefer doing sightseeing and walking miles and miles to view that sunrise, while others rather laze around to relax. Both BFF I are crazy fans of Running Man, loves korean food, would spend our own free time to watch korean dramas, etc. Korea is a place that both of us have always wanted to visit and I am sure this will be one of the best travel places we will thoroughly enjoy.

I am also a light sleeper and will toss and turn throughout the night, so I made it upfront to her that I need a bed of my own to avoid disturbing her.

Be open and honest

Are you someone who would rather sleep early to wake up early? Or would you rather party till late at night to enjoy this trip better? Be upfront on your expectations and discuss the goals and objectives of the trip together to avoid unhappiness or regrets after the trip.

Share the responsibilities and remind each other

Be it booking for the airfare, accommodation, buying insurance or planning for the itinerary, keeping each other updated on the progress will prevent miscommunication. It would be good to also remind each other to change currency or pack the correct items needed for the trip.

Discuss your budget for the trip

Money can be a tricky issue when it comes to traveling. It is important to work out a budget so that the both of you are comfortable with your expenses for flight, accommodation, shopping, food, etc.

Try your best to compromise

Everyone just want to have fun during the trip. You may not like the places that your BFF had suggested. Compromise is a two way street. Make it a point to visit places that the both of you had planned to go. I am sure you will feel happy when your BFF is enjoying the trip too!

Communication is gold

Always communicate, no matter how big or small the issue is. If you are unhappy with anything, speak up. Do not bottle up your feelings or else, the both you will not enjoy the trip at all.

Make good memories together

Most importantly, enjoy the experience and take lots of photos together. This is the best chance to have fun with your best friend, do cherish the moment!

Have fun traveling with your best friend! smile

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