Travel 101: Travel Pet Peeves

Travels are meant to be fun, exciting and adventurous. Having traveled for many years, there are certain travel pet peeves that really get on my nerves.

Hotels that are horrendous

You only have one job but some hoteliers can really screw up stuff. That front desk staff who can’t even do registration properly, bed linen that have not been changed for years, and the list goes on. I don’t like to scrimp on accommodation as I believe that the basic necessities and stuff should at least be met, though we are not around during the day time but we need our beauty sleep at night and it makes me more comfortable if the room is clean. And also, hotels with really bad soundproof that I could hear plastic bags rustling at the next room. Seriously?

People who judge

Those who judge me when I buy something, not your money eh? Or service staff who assumed that we are a certain group of tourists from this particular country and gave us horrendous service or attitude.

People who complained about the distance to travel

You might as well stay in the hotel and rot all day? Traveling is about the experience. Why bother to travel when you can’t even get out of your comfort zone?

People who have no plans in mind

If you have no plans then sorry, I’m not fit to be your travel companion cos I hate wasting time deciding on where to go. What’s the point of having an itinerary then?

Not embracing the culture

Every country has their own beauty and culture. Learn to embrace it, rather than being angsty if things are not quite you had expected it to be.

Rude travellers

This person would be seen being rude at people like airline staff, bellboy, waiters, etc. If things don’t go their way, they would make things ugly and expect that demands are met. They probably don’t know that those staff have the power to make things better or worse.

The selfie stick

Yup. I’ve bumped into many people who are so into positioning their selfie sticks that they nearly poked them on my head. Watch out would you?

People who treat me like their personal buyer

My trip, and I don’t even have space in my luggage. Why should I lug back items for you? Unless I offered to buy, else don’t ask.

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