Two Weeks to the Solemnization

It’s only 2 weeks to the wedding! I have yet to finish my DIY stuff. *panic mode* Attended BFF‘s wedding last month and she had given me tips on what to expect. *kiasu* Will blog about her wedding in another entry! smile

Venue & theme:

Confirmed! Will be held at Carpenter & Cook! Sent the above color board to match my “Vintage Carnival” theme to the cafe owner Eunice, a bit too much huh? tongue She showed me this inspirational board she had created for me. Pretty eh! smile The only things I am worried about are the space and food! Can’t wait to see what she will DIY for our wedding. smile

Photographer: Confirmed. The previous photog decided to be an asshole and drop me a bomb a month to the wedding. You can read my tweets here, here, here and here on what exactly happened, shall share more once the wedding is over. Thank God Diana had introduced her friend Chen KS from Express Oh Photography to end my worries.

Videographer: Confirmed. Have to select the song and send to them ASAP.

Makeup artist: Confirmed! Will be using Lynette Feng! smile Just went for my trial last week and am pretty satisfied. She’s extremely friendly and professional, do engage her if you are looking for a MUA!

Guestlist: Mainly family and close friends. Wish I can invite more but my venue can only accommodate 40 pax. sad

Justice of Peace: Engaged the super famous Dr Phua Tan Tee, a very very nice and friendly man! I was so kiasu that I bugged him for weeks haha! I’ve witnessed him solemnizing another wedding before and he made the entire ceremony really entertaining and light-hearted. At that moment I knew I had to engage him as my JP! Also, I was attracted to his grandfatherly demeanor. He prepared all the documents nicely for me within a week! =)

Wedding invites:

Printed, sealed and delivered yay! smile Vintage style according to my theme. In fact, I went to replicate a design I found online heehehehe! tongue

Wedding bouquet:

Did a fabric bouquet all by myself. I’ve been sewing bit by bit everyday, can die! *facepalm* Very satisfied after looking at the completed bouquet. Gonna jazz it up with pearls and blings. Need to find materials again! -_-

Ring pillow & wedding pens:

Pillow is made by my mum! Thank God for a mum who can sew. heart I made use of a hair clip which I had bought and clip it in the middle lol! Shortcut! tongue Made our own bride and groom pens too, rose for me and bow tie for him! =) Gonna settle the parents' pens next! Wedding bands:

Finally collected our wedding bands after so many changes! Boss did a simple band and I did a ring wrap to complement my engagement ring so that I can wear it as a wedding band. Love it max! heart heart heart For the price, I think it's really worth it. If you are keen to get one, look for Benny at Benny's Gems Creations! Their shop is at Delfi Orchard and they can customize the ring according to your preference. He remembered me as the "lady with a heart-shaped ring" LOL! You can quote that if you want to. tongue Attire & accessories: All settled! =)

Wedding cake:

(Credit: Glorious Treats)

This is so gonna be my wedding cake! Wanted to do a rainbow version at first with white rosette but I guess this is pretty enough! =) Check out the flavor – Ispahan made with lychee sponge, raspberry jam filling and rose-flavoured buttercream. Yums! Will be adding mini buntings on top. =)

Dessert & candy table + wedding favors: Eunice will be doing up a mini dessert table for me. Also, my secondary school mates Michelle, Liping and Peichee decided to sponsor me a candy table woohoo! They had started up I Love Candy Buffet a couple of months ago where you get to choose from a range of premade themes and DIY your own candy buffet! Will share more after the wedding. =) Looking to use the candies as wedding favors and making these favor bags.

Things left to do: Guestbook, parents’ pens, favor bags, wedding vows, bunting on wedding cake, poster and displays.

I have more ideas but I doubt the venue can accommodate. I think I am more excited rather than nervous lol! bigsmile Gonna chillax and enjoy our pampering sessions for the next two weeks and of course, counting down to 12.12.12 hee hee! smile

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