What are the Renovation Costs Involved

Sorry to disappear again as we were busy with the new home. Here is a photo of the workers fixing the sliding door in the kitchen hehe! tongue It’s about 70% done and we are planning to move in late Sep after hungry ghost festival. We are not in a hurry to move in, so we’ll be taking our time to slowly furnish and DIY the house. Super excited! bigsmile

“How much will it cost to renovate my house?” This is a common question most new home owners would ask. As a guide, here are some of the possible items which may incur renovation costs.

New flooring

There are many types of flooring depending on the theme and budget. We opted in and got the homogeneous tiles from HDB since we can pay via CPF. So far, we have no major issues with it except for a few scratches. Personally, I feel that tiles are easier to maintain unlike cement or wood, which may turn dusty or need polishing respectively. Other flooring include cement screed, vinyl, parquet, laminates, marble. Depending on your budget and theme, select the best flooring option for your new home. Price of flooring would be from $3/psf onwards, it can cost minimum $1.5K for a room including materials and labour costs. Don’t forget about the skirting which need tiling too.

New doors

You may opt in to get the doors from HDB which can be paid via CPF. We did and repainted them to white, changed the locks and they look as good as new. Price for a door starts from $250 onwards depending on the design and material, excluding labour costs. We also changed our toilet doors to aluminium bi-fold that cost $450 per door.

Hacking of walls

Removing of walls will also incur costs. The cost for hacking a wall starts from $400 onwards. Your contractor has to engage a Professional Engineer (PE) to review and assess the structure before hacking. Engage a HDB approved contractor and review your floorplan properly, those black beams on the floorplan are not supposed to be hacked away. Do note the dangers of engaging a non-HDB approved contractor as they may not have the expertise to do certain works in accordance with HDB’s guidelines. At the end of the day, the home owners will be responsible if anything goes wrong. Do a search via this link to see if the contractor is HDB registered.

Carpentry works

Majority of your budget would most likely be spent on carpentry works. Things like kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobes, custom-made furniture, storage, featured walls, etc. starts from thousands of dollars. The types of materials play a part as well, so do consider carefully. Don’t waste the money on expensive materials if you are not a heavy user.


Typical furnishings include:

Furniture: $8K – $15K

Lightings: $1K – $4K
(Note: We spent about $1K for all our lights, they are mostly from Taobao and some from local shops. We changed all the bulbs for safety issues. If you have false ceiling with lots of spotlights, it can go up to $4K.)

Electrical works: $1K – $4K
(Note: This cost is usually added into the variation order, which will come after the initial quote.)

Sanitary accessories: $1K – $3K
(Note: You may purchase these from Taobao, which will help you save quite a significant amount.)

Electrical appliances: $5K – $15K

Curtains & blinds: $1K – $3k

Other costs (movers, etc): $400 – $1K


Don’t forget to ask your ID/contractor to include these in the quote.

– HDB renovation permit
– Haulage and debris removal
– Chemical wash
– Labour costs for installation
– Cover sheet protection

Hope this guide helps. I will be sharing more about the hidden costs in my next post. smile

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