You Are My SuperBoss

There weren’t any plans to celebrate Boss’s birthday in a fanciful way. I was quite lazy and initially, I only wanted to just bring him for a nice dinner. Then, I found out that I had won a 3D2N stay at Oasia Hotel from the bloggers’ event that I went to! This came in time for his birthday celebration, so why not? Man, isn’t he lucky?! -_-”

As usual, I did a recce of the club room. They have almost all of the necessary amenities plus a Nespresso machine, complimentary mini bar, ironing stuff, Thann bath amenities and even an iPod docking entertainment system! surprised

Enjoying one of my favorite songs by Kim Hyun Joong! <3

Complimentary red wine! =)

The theme this year is Superman and I created very simple decorations with the colors Red, Blue and Yellow. Changed it to SuperBoss instead lol! I’m quite bo liao but I think it increases the fun factor! bigsmile

Boss and the card that I made. Did you realize I photoshopped his face onto Superman’s body? LMAO! bigsmile He got a shock and scolded me but I think he’s still quite happy luh huh! tongue

Peekaboo! Spot me! angry

We walked over to Velocity which is just a stone’s throw away from Oasia Hotel and spotted Ramen Monster. Decided to have our dinner here!

I ordered the Negi Ramen and my bowl of ramen is filled with spring onions lol! The broth is quite yummy but it’s a little too salty, I had to gulp down lots of water after that. The egg was awesome but too bad, no photos of that! sad

We headed back to the hotel and I had my bath with Lush Honey Bee bath bomb. Bliss! <3

The next morning, we headed over to The Living Room for our breakfast. They had smoked salmon, cheese platter, sausages, salads, cereals, ham and lots more! We were spoilt for choices! A very satisfying breakfast indeed. *rubs tummy*

Nua at the pool side. This is life! tongue

Lunch was at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. The 流沙包 (custard buns) are to die for. Super yummy and oozing with the custard! =D~

Here’s my outfit of the day with Casio Sheen! smile Love the canvas shoes a lot, it was on sale at $5! =D Notice my detachable collar? I got it from a flea market and here’s my current collection.

Hahaha too obsessed! angry

We had our light dinner at The Living Room again. Yummy!

Went back to our room to nua. Boss was watching his football and me? Running Man on the iPad yo! Was re-watching the Hong Kong episode. =) It’s being broadcasted on Channel U right now but they edited a lot of parts! Nevermind, cos I’ve finished watching every single episode hehehe! tongue It’s an awesome show and my biases are Song Joong Ki and Kim Jong Kook! =D

Itchy mouth again and we ordered potato wedges and calamari via their room service. We took like 15 minutes looking for the telephone number. =/ Quite pek chek. In the end, we searched for the number via online. *facepalm*

Did I mention that the fire alarm rang at 4am in the morning? Turns out that it was a false alarm and I only managed to fall asleep at about 5am. The pig beside me was sleeping very soundly, quite amazed -_-”

Had our breakfast before checking out. Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Oasia Hotel. We literally lived like a king and queen during our stay here hahaha! Do take up their club room package if you have the chance to, it’s really awesome. =)

Happy Birthday Boss. Hope you’ve had a wonderful time! <3


On a side note, I met Kim Hyun Joong in person again during his fan meeting in early May! It was an awesome experience and I managed to high-10 with him with both hands lol! Can’t wait to see him again, perhaps in Korea next time? =D