Bangkok: Epic Trip to Bangkok – Part 1

Finally forced myself to blog about this trip which happened end of last year. This would be my first time celebrating the new year overseas. It was an impromptu trip to Bangkok with the epic gang – Fidelis, Nadia, David, Fahbian, Jayden, Victor and Musxzart. Yeah, it was a huge group and I can’t wait to do another trip with them! It was hella fun! :laugh: Except that I fell ill on new year’s day. :(:

I went with Fidelis two days later than the rest and spent 4D3N there. On the day of departure, this blur girl even overslept. If I didn’t call her at all, we might have missed the flight lol hell no! :shutup: Very scary leh this girl! :smileyhappy3:

We arrived at our hotel, I-Residence Silom at around 11am and waited till 12pm before we got our rooms. It was pretty accessible as it’s just 5mins walk from Chong Nansi BTS. But travelling to the shopping area is kinda troublesome as it would take approximately 20 minutes by tuk tuk or cab.

Me looking damn cui. :blank: Think my brain is still sleeping and my hair sucks to the max cos the curls I did 3 days before the trip totally FAIL! Shall not elaborate more. :scared:

The room we booked was perfectly clean and cosy. We spent less than SGD200 for 3 nights. That’s like SGD32 per night per person. CHEAP!!! :smileyhappy3:

We packed our bags, freshened up and off we go to meet the rest of the gang! :jump:

We walked to the BTS to take the train. Their card looks exactly like the old transitlink card we used to have! :laugh:

Here we are at Siam Paragon. :wink1:

And this bloody long queue caught our eyes. Turns out that these people are queuing up for Krispy Kreme, HOLY CRAP! :shocked1: That’s not all. Some unethical ones even bought huge quantities and set up a makeshift stall nearby to sell these donuts at a profit! :blah:

Anyways, we kept walking and walking and walking…

…before we finally reached Platinum Mall – a shopping haven! :doraemon5:

We found TheBlogShop‘s sister brand!

There are hundreds and hundreds of stalls in Platinum Mall. One day is not enough for us to shop here! :(: And the scary thing is, we got accused by one of the shop owners for not paying for the things we bought. Blame the woman for carrying and playing with her kid and not paying attention. We remembered giving her cash and she even took it, but she insisted that we didn’t. I was quite worried that she might be lying to scam us. Eventually, she let the matter rest and we quickly zao! :confused:

We walked quite a bit at Platinum Mall and finally got to eat our lunch at this stall. Spot the classic looking orange juice bottle! smile

Yummeh wanton noodles, but too little portion.

Wanton soup. They even added in crab meat! :thumbsup: Yes REAL crab meat and not the cheapo ones!

We continued our shopping at Platinum Mall for another 2 hours or so and I managed to get a luggage for a mere SGD65! We named her FAT BITCH cos she was so fat that she couldn’t even squeeze into the car boot lol! :laugh:

We were so tired from walking that we dropped by Ice Monster for desserts! :eat:

With my favorite lychees, mangoes and peaches mmmmmm marvellous… :drool1:

After a long day, it was dinner time. We had seafood for dinner at T&K! Mad crowded lah! But it was worth the wait! :tongue2:

We ordered lots and lots of food! Gluttons! :drool2:

The highlight of the day? :smileyhappy3:

OMFG fresh oysters! Never in my life I’ve eaten an oyster before cos I can’t stand the odor. Not even those on orh jian (oyster omelette). The oysters found in Singapore are horrible! :sick: BUT this is absolutely fresh and you can practically taste the sea in your mouth. Ok I kinda exaggerated but I am NOT kidding ok! :tongue2: Trust yours truly who is trying this for the first time! Must come here if you visit BKK! It’s located within Chinatown area. :love3:

Proper way to eat the oysters? Here’s a step by step guide demonstrated by David. You don’t have to adhere to it, strictly for reference only! :tongue2: Thai style oysters are really delish and they only cost SGD1.50 each. Totally hooked and craving for it now. :(:

Another highlight of the day is the shark’s fin soup. The fins are in huge chunks and it only costs SGD21! :shocked3: Wtf BKK is HEAVEN la! Everything is extremely cheap! :love4:

Even their massages are extremely affordable! I think we paid 180 baht for a 1.5 hours foot massage, that’s like SGD8. MAD SHIOK! :smileyhappy3:

Extremely satisfied with our dinner and massages, we headed back to the hotel thereafter. :cloud9:

Bought a packet of lychee pocky to munch on! I wanted to bring some back but there were none left when I went back to the shop! :sad3:

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