Bangkok: Hua Seng Hong

TK Seafood is always on my itinerary whenever I visit Bangkok but this time round, we decided to try something new. I was googling for “seafood restaurant in Bangkok” when I read the reviews for Hua Seng Hong. They seemed reputable so my colleagues and I visited the outlet at Yaowarat.

Chinese Cabbage with Mushrooms &,Black Moss was light and tasty. You know how mummies used to say that eating black moss makes your hair grow fuller and darker. Also known as fat choy, it sounds more like the word for prosperity or “to get rich.” Fried Oyster Omelette is very different from our local version. The egg is crispier minus the starchy bits, sitting on a bed of beansprouts.

Vermicelli with Prawns is a pretty common dish that you can find in Bangkok’s Chinatown. Vermicelli by itself is tasteless but with the sweet prawns and condiments, it makes this dish extremely flavorful. A good Roast Duck must have a balance of fat and meat, with crispy skin, tender & juicy meat and Hua Seng Hong’s version did just right.

Another vermicelli dish, Thai-style Vermicelli with Seafood has a spicy and tangy taste. Fish Head Steamboat‘s broth is sweet and nicely seasoned.

Shark’s Fin is a must try and Yellow Curry with Crab Meat is one of their signature dishes, with generous chunks of succulent crab cooked in a thick, eggy yellow curry, great when eaten with a bowl of white rice.

Honestly, I would give this restaurant a 4-star but we were eating halfway when the lady at the next table accidentally dropped her chair. It wasn’t within my sight but my colleague told me that lots of baby cockroaches started crawling out from that chair! surprised We were all in disgust but had to continue eating, all the while worrying about the cockroaches crawling to our table. Yikes! Doubt I’ll visit the restaurant again. angry

Hua Seng Hong
371-373 Yaowarat Road Chakkaphat, Bangkok Thailand
Opening hours: 9.30am-1pm

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