Bangkok: Pa Yak Boat Noodles

Having known that Victory Monument has one of the best boat noodles stalls, we made our way down to try the special noodles. The canal where all the boat noodles restaurants are located at is approximate a 10-15 minutes walk from the BTS just by following the bridge.

Pa Yak Boat Noodles is known to be the best compared to the rest. All the staff are wearing orange shirts, which is pretty recognisable. We decided to sit in the air-conditioned area due to the weather of 38 degrees! surprised

There are 3 types of flavours for the noodles, comes with either pork or beef. It cost about 12 baht per bowl, which is equivalent to about 50 cents. It takes only 2 mouthfuls to finish one, so you’ll probably need at least 4-5 bowls to feel full.

Each bowl comes with the noodles, a piece of meatball, some meat and veggies and is cooked in a special and flavorful broth. There are 2 kinds of noodles, either thick or thin rice vermicelli. The noodles are really springy and personally, I’d prefer the pork version which is more flavourful.

The meal also comes with free flow wanton and pork skin. Both are extremely crispy and addictive to be eaten as side snacks.

We finished about 48 bowls for the 9 of us, an average of 5 bowls per person. That’s about $2.60 per person! How affordable! surprised

Happy tummies, happy faces! bigsmile

Pa Yak Boat Noodles
Victory Monument, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400
Opening hours: 11am to 9pm

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