FANCL Moisturizing Line

FANCL, a popular Japanese skincare brand is widely known for their MUTENKA (็„กๆทปๅŠ ) philosophy and holistic approach. All FANCL products contain no preservatives and potentially harmful additives, allowing only powerful beauty agents to actively enhance the skin’s natural beauty. All FANCL products come with a FANCL Safety Standard (FSS) mark and the logo guarantees the effectiveness and superior gentle qualities of every ingredient, ensuring safe usage on all skins. Hence, most of their products are packed for a 30-day supply so they stay fresh to the last drop. For added assurance, a freshness sticker lets you record the date the product was opened and is extremely helpful for forgetful people like myself. tongue

FANCL Moisturizing Line is the latest addition to the skincare family that works to instantly hydrate skin by improving the skin’s natural moisturizing function. I have been a huge fan of their washing powder and collagen drink and was pretty stoked to receive this range. Thank you Fancl! smile I have tested the range for about a month now and am loving it thus far. There are 4 main ingredients in the range namely:

Raffinose – Develops the route for delivering moisture into stratum corneum
Fresh Royal Jelly Essence – Develops the route for delivering moisture into skin cells
Alanyl Glutamine & Marine Ceramide – Found in Essence & Mask Restores skin’s moisturizing function rapidly
Rice Ferment Extract – Retains moisture in skin

The FANCL Moisturizing line consists of a four prong approach to combat dehydrated skin. The line includes a comprehensive range of both basic care and special care products that works effectively on different skin types to hydrate skin and restore skin’s natural moisturizing function. Pretty much suitable for my skin I must say.

Step 1: Moisturizing Lotion I and II (S$34, 30ml)

Lotion I is for oily skin whereas Lotion II is for combination, normal and dry skin. As with all Japanese skincare, the lotion is watery and lightweight which helps to prep the skin for the next skincare step for better penetration. This is to be used right after cleansing. I usually use this with cotton pads to lightly dab it on my skin.

Step 2: Moisturizing Essence (S$64, 18ml)

The essence instantly boosts moisture to dehydrated skin without any oiliness and provides intensive hydration by delivering, retaining and restoring skin’s natural moisturizing function. Recommended to use day and night, each time with 2 pumps of the essence. The essence is lightweight, has a watery consistency and milky-looking with a fairly smooth texture.

Step 3: Moisturizing Mask (S$64, 6 Sheets)

Masking is an awesome indulgence to boost the skin and inject nutrients, improving skin radiance and translucency in just one application. Recommendation to use 2-3 times a week, depending on the skin’s condition and needs.

Step 4: Moisturizing Emulsion I and II or Moisturizing Cream (S$34, 30ml and S$53, 18g respectively)

Last but not least, Moisturizing Emulsion I & II and Moisturizing Cream help to lock in moisture, keeping skin hydrated for longer. For those with drier skin, opt for the cream instead. A little goes a long way, the size of a pearl for the cream is more than sufficient.

Inner Care Supplement – Moist Hyaluronic Acid (S$40, 30 tablets) and Beauty Vitamin & Collagen (S$53, 180 tablets)

Moist Hyaluronic Acid is suitable for people with dry, combination and oily skin, especially those who are looking to improve skin texture and moisture level. To consume 1 tablet daily.

Beauty Vitamin & Collagen is suitable for all Skin types, especially those who are on looking for holistic inner and outer care and those who are looking to get healthier, more radiant skin. To consume 2 tablets, 3 times daily. Honestly, I nearly gag when eating this as I am not really used to the odd taste of collagen. But still, anything for beauty!

The FANCL Moisturizing Line is available at all FANCL outlets. For store locations and more information, visit!