Little Nyonya Town

It was an impromptu trip to Malacca during the Raya weekend. smile Been really eager to visit Malacca after watching The Little Nyonya on Channel 8. :laugh:

Our hotel is located within Jonker Walk, the heartland of Malacca. Here’s the night market which started pretty early and you will need to go on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 6.00pm to 12.00am. They have tons of stalls selling all sorts of things. More details to come. wink

Our hotel at Hangout@Jonker, a sister hotel of Hangout@Mount Emily in Singapore.

Comfy, plushy beds! :love3:

Spanking clean room. Comes with a standing shower, no long bath. :(:

Leave me alone! RAWR! :smileyhappy3:

After putting our stuff in the hotel, we headed off to the famous Hoe Kee Chicken Rice. There was a long queue but we managed to get a table within 10 minutes. Unfortunately, no pictures of the chicken rice cos the standard is mediocre. :blah:

Finally had a chance to try ????! The traditional ones are made from Hawthorn fruit and it’s a very popular snack in China. Remember shan zha? One of my favorite snacks back then! :tongue2:

Me, munching on the candies. Tak unglam! :alamak:

Look what they did with the cans! Creative eh? :thumbsup:

Want a ride on the retro tricycle? :smileyhappy3:

WOOTS! Found the potato twirl snack! It tasted so much better than the one I had at Geylang Serai hoho! :thumbsup:

I don’t know why the craze for these balls in Malacca. There is nothing special about them at all. Overrated much? :blah:

Does this appeal to your taste buds? Hello people! Singapore has the best Hainanese chicken rice, no doubt! :thumbsup:

The nyonya chendol was good though. The gula melaka was absolutely yummy! :drool1:

Another gem in Malacca, egg shaped ice cream!

I had lychee flavor and it has bits of lychee in it! Absolutely fruity and refreshing. :thumbsup:

We were like scouting for food during the entire trip lol! :laugh:

We woke up at 9am the next day and to our horror, all the shops were closed and we had to wait till like 12pm before they will be opened for lunch. :shocked2: Tmd total waste of our time. :blah: So we went back to the hotel to surf the net and relax lol. :shutup:

Went to the Christ Church Melaka since it’s the icon of Malacca? :confused: Nothing interesting here. The weather was bloody hot and we made our way to Mahkota Parade, a walking distance from Jonker Walk.

Here we are!

Settled our lunch at a Jap restaurant. Quite bo liao and the food sucks big time. :alamak:

Still prefer A&W anytime! HEE HEE! :jump:

We walked back to San Shu Gong to grab some Malacca snacks before heading back to Singapore. smile

I picked up these biscuits with salted egg yolk! Simply love anything with salted egg yolk lah! :heart2:

Dread the 6 hours ride but nonetheless, it was a fruitful trip. Wait till I get my licence then we will drive up to Malacca again! Woots! :cheer: