Mystery Makan: Social Place

Yoo hoo! How’s everyone holding up? I know, it has been a crazy 2020. Currently working from home since my job is non-essential. I hope everyone’s doing well and do stay safe during this period!

Today’s post is about Mystery Makan! As shared by Nadia, our last Mystery Makan session was more than 5 years ago! We decided to start this tradition again cos it’s good to catch up with the girls. Man, we can talk about anything under the sun! Sadly, we started recently and have to quickly put it on hold again lol! Hopefully the situation turns out better and we can all dine out again. smile

Esther hosted for this session and she brought us to Social Place. Located at Forum The Shopping Mall, the restaurant reminds me of a retro tea house in Hong Kong but slightly on the atas side.

With the social distancing advice from the government, I thought it’s gonna be empty but boy we were wrong, the restaurant was so packed that we were asked to leave shortly after our meal.

Popcorn Chicken in Sichuan Chilli is quite similar to Taiwanese salt & pepper chicken with a little spicy kick to it. The mango pudding in the empty shells at the side totally looks like egg yolks. I’m not sure how they complement this dish but I am not complaining! We also ordered the cold dish Sweet Sour Pork with Fresh Pineapple, a typical Chinese dish, even though I’ve eaten a better one at Melben Seafood.

The Truffle Shiitake Buns really look like the real deal man! We thought they were real mushrooms when the waiter brought this dish out. So impressed by the look of it but it’s not something I would eat again. There is just too much dough and too little filling.

All of us love the Prawn Toasts but the bread was soaked with a little too much oil. Nevertheless, we managed to finish all of them. Have you seen charcoal tofu before? Not me. Crispy Charcoal Tofu is an interesting twist to the salt and pepper tofu. The crispy skin turned a little soggy after a while and I wish they could have made it a little saltier since tofu is pretty much bland.

Now I’ve seen this Small Pig Pudding all over Instagram and it’s so amusing to see it jiggle away. Made with coconut cream, it can be quite cloying after a few mouthfuls. Next we have the Mahjong Jellies, which tasted like those we ate at the fruit stalls. Honestly, nothing fantastic about this. Probably just Instagram worthy.

After lunch at Social Place, we dropped by the cafe Brown Butter which was just across it. The funny thing is I initially thought it was the actual Mystery Makan place, but turns out it’s not. We ordered their expensive drinks just to make full use of the cafe. Hope we’ll be able to resume the Mystery Makan sessions again!

Social Place
583 Orchard Road, Forum the Shopping Mall #01-22
Singapore 238884
Tel: (65) 8870 2288

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