PPP Laser Clinic’s 360 Skin Solution

We are all time starved, always in search of services which are quick and effective. My skin has been really bad lately, imagine my relieve when I was given an opportunity to try PPP Laser Clinic’s 360 Skin Solution that consists of 5 steps to improve Colour, Consistency and Contour of the face to rejuvenate, refresh and renew the skin.

PPP’s medical aesthetic treatments are personalized and programmed to treat and suit each individual’s skin condition to maximize results. The treatments are non-invasive with minimal downtime.

The 360 Solution encompasses 5 different treatments that rejuvenate and refresh the skin, giving it a more radiant and glowing look.

P+ Intensive Laser Treatment

A non-ablative intensive laser treatment that targets rejuvenation of the skin, in the epidermis and upper dermis. It disperses melanin to lighten pigmentation, deep cleanse the pores and control oil glands to aid acne recovery.

Fractional Laser

A non-invasive treatment to deliver a laser beam divided into thousands of microscopic treatment zones targeting a fraction of the skin at a time. This treatment repairs beneath the skin to reduce pore size, lighten acne scars, reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and enhance tightness and elasticity.

Collagen Remodelling

The collagen layer of the skin is targeted and new growth of collagen is stimulated to improve elasticity of the skin. This treatment also helps to tighten the skin & muscle tone, reduce fine lines & wrinkles and firms & tones the skin.

Radio Frequency Skin Treatment

Radio frequency electromagnetic energy is delivered to the facial skin via an electrode to target the upper dermis and epidermis of the skin. The radio frequency improves skin laxity, reduce wrinkles and lifts the skin.

Ion Infusion

By treating the skin with Ion Infusion with Hyaluronic Acid treatment immediately after the laser, it allows deep penetration of serums to boost the results and effectively hydrate the skin.

After registration, I was brought to a room for a consultation with the doctor. It was pretty informative as she shared the various kinds of lasers that PPP is offering in the clinic. An examination of my skin led to the prescription of P+ & Fractional lasers, Collagen Remodelling and Ion Infusion.

I was ushered to another room to prep for the treatments. Goggles were given to me to protect my eyes from the lasers and the next thing I knew, the doctor had started the treatments on my face. The lasers were done professionally and quickly, without any pain at all. After which, I was brought to another room for Ion Infusion which was administered by another doctor. The Hyaluronic Acid on the skin was super soothing and relaxing. Having pretty sensitive skin, I was glad that the treatments weren’t too harsh on my skin. Everything was over in 20 minutes, probably one of the fastest treatments I have ever experienced.

For the next couple of days, my skin was looking glowy and radiant. There was a little peeling but nothing major as this denotes that the skin is slowly healing on its own, though more frequent treatments will yield better results.

PPP Laser Clinic’s 360 Solution Taster Pack is now available at all PPP Laser Clinic outlets at S$360. Try it out if you have yet to, especially if you are looking for quick laser fixes.

Disclaimer: P Clinic is the global headquarter of the largest aesthetic care clinic chain, PPP Laser Clinic in Singapore. Products shown are P Clinic’s products.