Sudio Nio: Wireless Earbuds

Sudio has several wireless earphones under their product line and Sudio Nio is the latest wireless earbuds from Sudio, their first launch for 2021. I have a couple of Sudio products such as Vasa Bla and Tolv, and they have never disappoint me.

Visual of Nio

Just like any other Sudio products, my first impression of the Nio earphones was the design and colour, and looks pretty similar to the AirPods. Comes in black, white, green and sand, I knew I had to get the sand colour cos I have been pretty attracted to earthy tones these days, which is absolutely minimalist, classy and elegant!

There are 4 sizes available for the silicon wing tips and they provide a pretty good grip. Looking slightly different from their other earbuds, they fit snugly into the ear cavum, which is more suitable for the shape and size of my ears. This design is more comfortable to wear for long hours as compared to the usual ear tips which put pressure on the ear canals.

The silicon tips are pretty secure when I was doing my workout. Never once did I feel that they are slipping off, and with a reliable IPX4 rated protection, it is rain, splash and sweat-proof. My only concern is the clasp of the case which doesn’t seemed to have a proper fit as it still had a slight gap.

Below the Sudio logo is the LED battery indicator, which will appear white if the case has more than 25% battery left and orange when it’s low, and each of the earbuds had the same indicator.

Quality of Nio

The earphones are able to last for 5.5 hours from a 1.5-hour charge and 20 hours from a full charge, which is pretty long lasting. Though it has an adaptive dual microphone technology, it didn’t managed to fully filter out unwanted background noises, I could still hear muffled noises around me. Despite that, the sound quality is rather decent while using it at home, office or at the gym.

Similarly with the rest of their range, it is armed with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and is compatible with all iPhone and Android devices. Pairing the earphones is fairly simple but it was a little challenging as it gets disconnected a couple of times. As my phone didn’t immediately pick up the Bluetooth connection, I had to go to my phone’s setting to pair it up again.

All in all, it is a pretty afforable pair of wireless earphones if you are looking for something simple and compact to bring around.

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