Taiwan: Arriving at Taichung and Visiting Fengjia Night Market 逢甲夜市

After our wedding photoshoot at Kenting, we made our way to Taichung via HSR. Thank god we included Taichung in our itinerary. We felt extremely welcomed by the Taiwanese in Taichung area and it’s not that I wanted to compare but it’s way better than Taipei as we had an extremely awful experience when we first arrived at Taipei. I’ll leave that story in another entry.

We were pretty impressed by the efficiency of the train ride. Everything was clean and woah, we could even eat on board! #suaku bigsmile We arrived at Taichung 1.5 hours later and took a cab to our hotel, Hotel 7 Taichung.

We paid about S$120 per night and it was well worth the money. The room was kept clean, neat, tidy and it was extremely spacious. The best thing was it’s just a 10 minutes walk to Fengjia Night Market. We could stay out late till night and walk back to the hotel without too much of a hassle. smile

Here’s sharing some of the stalls and snacks which I find are worth trying! smile

1) Takopachi 海陸大丸

We spotted this stall selling takopachi. Check out the humongous balls! bigsmile We chose the seaweed flavour and it was sooooo good. They are extremely generous with the fillings, definitely worth the wait.

2) Torched Beef Cubes 火焰骰子牛

This is one of the most popular night snacks and can be found at almost all the night markets. I had this at almost every night market cos it’s just too cheap! The beef cubes are torched to perfection and then seasoned with rose pink salt. Simple seasoning but extremely yummy! smile

3) Seasoned Clams 海邊小屋

Another of my favorite, CLAMS! heart According to the staff, the clams are grown and harvested by the owner itself. I’ve tried both the garlic and black pepper flavours, which they are extremely generous with the toppings. The clams are really huge and juicy, and were bursting with flavour and freshness with every bite. Look out for this stall at the end of the alley.

4) Dody Duke 馬鈴薯專門店

Delicious mashed potato with toppings like bacon, corn, broccoli, pineapple, cheese, chicken and the list goes on! Simple ingredients but they made the mashed potato tasted extremely creamy and velvety smooth.

5) Grilled Scallops 北海道黃金干貝燒

Check out the crowd patiently waiting for their order. I love how this stall displayed the juicy looking scallops at the front! They have different flavours like original, japanese bonito flakes, seaweed, black pepper, curry, etc. If you love scallops like me, you have to try this out.

6) Fried Sweet Potato Balls 溫家老店地瓜球

This was highly recommended and we had a hard time searching for this stall. But we didn’t give up and walked quite a bit before spotting the long queue. The sweet potato balls are fried till golden brown, tasted really chewy, bouncy and best eaten while still hot.

Apart from food, they have various districts and alleys for shopping as well. After visiting almost all the night markets in Taiwan, Fengjia Night Market is definitely the best due to the quality and variety of the shopping and food options. smile

Fengjia Night Market 逢甲夜市
Wenhua Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407

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