Taiwan: Banana New Paradise 香蕉新樂園

I was doing my research on interesting restaurants to visit in Taiwan when I found Banana New Paradise. Pretty oddly named but little did I know that they are not selling bananas lol! bigsmile

Everything in the restaurant was nostalgic and probably replicated the old Taiwanese period from 1930s onwards.

We tried their beancurd skin rolls, chives dumplings, chair siew sou, har gow, pork ribs and milk teas. Their food tasted better than it looks. The beancurd skin rolls were my favorite, it was really crispy and flavorful.

Before we left the restaurant, we spotted cherry blossoms down the street! Had to take some pictures. smile

Banana New Paradise 香蕉新樂園
No. 111, Section 2, Shuangshi Road, North District, Taichung City, Taiwan 404

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