Taiwan: Jiufen & Shifen Old Street 九份十分老街

It has been a long time since I last blogged. Too many travel backlogs that I reckon I need to pen them down here to reminisce old memories. smile Continuing our trip to Taiwan last March! tongue

We took a train to Ruifang station for our final destination Jiufen & Shifen. These 2 popular places seemed to be the “must go” places if you are ever in Taiwan and we just had to try once. bigsmile

We walked around the small town to explore, weaved through the busy crowd, shopped at old school stores and finally found the 100-year old A-Mei Tea House in Jiufen, which is said to inspire the Japanese anime film Spirited Away. You could find the film’s souvenirs in most stores and I nearly bought a No-Face doll back home, but was too scared that I might bring other stuff back so I didn’t. bigsmile

The stall Lai Ah Po Yu Yuan 赖阿婆芋圆 caught our eye and I knew that we had to try their taro and sweet potato balls. We had the hot version and had fun nomming on the chewy balls. Perfect for the cool weather when we were there! It was really good!

Another food that we tried is the ice cream popiah. I swear that this looks better than it looks, even much better with coriander. Now where can I buy that malted peanut so that I can make my own ice cream popiah. tongue

And lastly, grilled sea snails lightly seasoned with spices and we had fun eating them. smile

We continued our journey to Shifen to release the lanterns. Just had to do the touristy shots and we did all sorts of poses, instructed by the staff. They seemed to be extremely good in this lol!

Last selfie at the bridge! smile

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