Taiwan: Raohe Night Market

It’s been awhile! Work has been crazy. 1 more week to go before I’ll get my life back after 9 months of working hard for the mall’s reopening. I have tons of travel stuff to share from my previous trips to Taiwan, Bali and Japan. smile

Raohe Night Market (饒河夜市) is one of the night markets I had visited in Taiwan, it’s probably my second favourite after Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市) due to its buzz and variety of shopping and food.

One of my favourite snacks would be the squid which is deep fried till golden brown and extremely crispy. The squid is lightly coated with salt and pepper, very simple condiments but so tasty.

Cheap xiao long bao (小笼包) at less than S$5 for 8 pieces! It was really delicious and super worth it. We also tried their pizza, nothing fantastic though.

At the entrance of the market is this black pepper bun (胡椒餅) stall which had a snaking queue. Made with pork, spring onions and special spices, the bun is crispy with a chewy texture. The meat is nicely marinated, tender and juicy. It was worth the 20 mins wait.

Fried yam with salted egg! But I had a better one at Ningxia Night Market (寧夏夜市), which I’ll share at a later post.

Okonomiyaki, just because. Nothing beats the authentic one I had in Japan.

We couldn’t resist the mahjong tiles game and tried our luck but to no avail. Booo!

Till the next travel post! Will be back soon! smile

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