Tang Restaurant

Steamboat is a hot favorite among Asians, especially during Chinese New Year. A good steamboat comprises of a delicious soup base, fresh and quality ingredients, at least in my opinion. Believing that the ultimate dining experience is all about quality ingredients in a comfortable environment, Tang Restaurant was born.

Located at Keong Saik Street amongst the popular F&B cluster, the cosy 38-seater restaurant boasts a contemporary style of dining with a creative twist, providing a private and exclusive steamboat dining experience for its customers in a sophisticated and eclectic ambience.

We had the Combination Pot with 2 Soups ($21+) with House Special Soup, a rich broth freshly prepared every morning by boiling hens, pork and fish bones together with medicinal herbs for over 8 hours, and Tomato Soup which has a subtle and tangy taste.

Translucent Sliced Fish (12 slices @ $22+) is a dish that I must highlight. The thinly sliced fish is crystal clear, allowing it to soak up all the flavours of the broth. Once cooked, the meat is soft with a springy texture.

Shrimp Paste Dome ($14+) is both fresh and chewy when cooked. The meat is grinded by hand to ensure the right texture of the meat to be served to guests.

A light swish of the Australia Wagyu Striploin ($39+/200g, $21+/100g) in the broth is enough to cook it just right. The meat is tenderly soft with a little bit of sweetness to it, without being too chewy.

Bean Curd Skin ($5+), Greens Platter ($11+) and Mushrooms Platter ($12+) are staples for a steamboat meal that needs no introduction. tongue

If you are looking for something novelty and healthy, you will definitely have to try Handmade Fish Noodles ($16+).

Apart from steamboat dishes, there are other food menu like Dumplings in Sichuan Sauce ($5+) which may look very spicy and oily but it isn’t, really! The dumplings were cooked just right with a firm bite without the skin being too soggy.

To ensure guests eat the food at its best, an attentive member of the Tang family is assigned to every table, serving and assisting guests in cooking the steamboat ingredients, within the correct timing. The restaurant’s attention to detail carries through to the sauces – the chili, garlic and black bean sauces – are made fresh following Chef Zoubing’s secret recipes. Carefully curated wines are also available at Tang and recommended for those who wish to pair the hotpot with exquisite vintages for an extra indulgent meal.

Tang Restaurant
25 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089132
Tel: (65) 6222 7708 / (65) 8727 5881