Violet Blonde Hair by Artistry Hair Professional

Back in January, I had my hair colored in purple! It lasted for almost 2 months and I was extremely surprised. I have tried all sorts of hair colors like green, pink and purple. The one that Tar from Artistry did for me was the one that lasted the longest! Most of my friends told me that they were very impressed that my hair color lasted so long haha! smile

Then bam! Came COVID-19 and we were stuck at home for almost 2 months during the circuit breaker! sad During this period, I pampered myself by doing lots of hair and face masks! I spent most of the days working from home, which was pretty pleasant as I get to be more productive be it in terms of work or personal. smile

When the circuit breaker was lifted, I made an appointment to get my hair done. I was looking forward to try out a rose gold tone, but Tar told me that she would add in a little tinge of purple to make it more pop and hence, a few colors were mixed in such as purple and pink.

Here is the final look! smile We went out to take some photos to get a better lighting of the ash purple. Also tested my new camera, looks pretty good isn’t it? Different types of lighting makes my hair appear in different shades of colors! heart

My current hair has faded to a light brown ash tone, love it so much! heart Please patronize Artistry if you’d like to have a haircut, hair color or treatment. We need to support our local businesses in these trying times! Feel free to quote my name to get a discount! smile

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